Cango is grateful for school market & local army.

 The school market and the local army kept us alive when we tried to keep our heads above water!

With the help of the bus group, Elwierda, we could offer schools a package that included transport, accommodation, meals and a program of all sightseeing of Oudtshoorn and vicinity that nobody could compete with. 

We had bingo nights with the kids and the winner had to do a little something for the group(song, dance, etc.).  One night a boy refused. While we were trying to convince the boy, one of the other boys shouted to him to mimic the headmaster, and the a teacher, and another, and another. That night he became the hero in the group. 

When they were back at school, the teacher wrote to us and told us that the boy had a complete personality change. That was a wonderful experience for us. Unfortunately if became difficult to maintain this bingo culture as the business grew so we had to think of some other way to occupy the children. That is when we built a indoor heated swimming pool that was big enough to accommodate sixty children. 

The army market was a complete different experience. Once a month they had a so called VTM day. This was a sort of culture experience (Ostrich, food and wine).

we mainly served Potjiekos/Ostrich neck prepared in big black pots, accompanied by beer and wine. A sweet wine that was served was from a local seller and was called Lieutenant, Captain and major. We are sure that on a night like that the local army consumed half of the local wine crop. 

We are very grateful for these two markets, without them we wouldn't be were we are today.